The 1st day of December, the World AIDS day, is a day for raising awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and also a great opportunity to raise awareness against the stigmatization of HIV-positive individuals.

On that day this year, the world premier of a Greek documentary entitled ‘Ruins’ will be streamed online.

It is a documentary about the criminalization of HIV. It follows the story of a group of HIV-positive women who were detained by the Greek Police, forcibly tested, charged with a felony, imprisoned and publicly exposed, when their mug shots and personal data were published in the media, in the run-up to the country’s 2012 national elections.

This is a case when the human dignity of some persons is brutally negated, officially rejected, a case when the society/ government/ majority/ anyone names-and-shames those who “have to be” abjected, who have no important life, because they are HIV-positive.

Instead of ‘HIV-positive’ one can add other *categories*: ‘Blacks’, ‘Women’, ‘Gays’, ‘Communists’, ‘Muslims’, ‘Disabled’, and the list is on-going, since in the end, everyone of “us” is a risk for “their” “normal” society.

The documentary will be broadcasted online at 18:00 GMT from

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